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Wheel Loader Parts Alabama - Alabama is a state situated in the southeastern part of the United States. It is surrounded by the state of Tennessee towards the north, the state of Georgia towards the east, Florida and the Gulf of Mexico to the south, and Mississippi to the west. The state of Alabama ranks 30th in total land area and ranks 2nd in the size of its inland waterways. The state of Alabama ranks 23rd in population with 4.7 million inhabitants in the year 2009.

During the period between the American Civil War to WWII, the state of Alabama suffered through lots of economic hardships because of its dependence on agriculture. There was some growth in the major businesses in the bigger urban centers, with rural interests dominating much of the states legislature until the nineteen sixties. The interests of African American and urban interests were under-represented. Following the second World War, the state of Alabama experienced growth because the economy of the state transitioned from agriculture to diversified interests in mineral extraction, heavy manufacturing, technology and education. Furthermore, the establishment or expansion of multiple military installations, mostly those of the U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force, added to state jobs.

The official nickname of the state of Alabama is the Yellowhammer State, a name which comes from the state bird. It is likewise called the "Heart of Dixie." Camellia is the state flower, whereas Longleaf Pine is the state tree. The capital of Alabama is Montgomery. The biggest city by population is Birmingham. The largest city by total land area is Huntsville. The oldest city is Mobile, established by French colonists.

Alabama has lots of investments consisting of economic sectors of aerospace, education, banking and healthcare, in addition to some heavy industries like mineral extraction, automobile manufacturing, steel production and fabrication.

The total gross state product of Alabama during 2008 was $170 billion, or $29,411 per capita, as per the United States Bureau of Economic Analysis. The 2008 GDP of Alabama increased by 0.7% from the year of 2007. The single biggest increase came in the area of information. In 1999, per capita income for the state of Alabama was $18,189.


Alabama's agricultural outputs include eggs and poultry, cattle, plant nursery items, cotton, peanuts, grains like sorghum and corn, vegetables, milk, peaches and soybeans. Even though known as "The Cotton State", the state of Alabama ranks between eighth and tenth in national cotton production, according to various reports, along with Georgia, Mississippi and Texas comprising the top three.

The industries within Alabama include the production of steel and iron products; wood, paper and lumber products; mining; plastic products; cars and trucks; and clothing apparel. Also, Alabama produces aerospace and electronic products, usually in the Huntsville area, location of NASA's George C. Marshall Space Flight Center and the US Army Aviation and Missile Command, headquartered at Redstone Arsenal.

The economic growth of Alabama is mainly dependent on the state's automotive manufacturing industry. Honda Manufacturing of Alabama, Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama, Mercedes-Benz U.S. International, and Toyota Motor Manufacturing Alabama are all situated within Alabama, as well as their numerous suppliers. Ever since the year 1993, the automobile industry has generated over 67,800 new jobs in the state of Alabama. Alabama currently ranks 4th in the nation in automobile output.

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