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Wheel Loader Parts Birmingham - Birmingham is the largest city in Alabama State. The city of Birmingham had a population of approximately 212,237 inhabitants according to the 2010 Census. Birmingham is the county seat of Jefferson County. Around 25% of the state's population is located within the Birmingham-Hoover Metropolitan Area; according to the 2009 U.S. Census Bureau, the population was approximately 1,212,800.

The city was founded in the year 1871, right after the American Civil War. It was formed by merging 3 pre-existing farm towns, one of which was the former Elyton. The city of Birmingham slowly grew from these roots and annexed a lot of its smaller neighbors to transform the area into an industrial and railroad center. The main industries in the region at the time consisted of railroading, iron and steel production and mining.

The city gets its name from the industrial city of Birmingham, England. Many of the early settlers who were part of the founding of the city were of English ancestry and origin. The city of Birmingham was planned as a place where non-unionized, inexpensive labor from African-Americans was abundant from rural Alabama. Many of these people were employed at the city's blast furnaces and steel mills giving the city a competitive advantage over other industrial cities in the Midwest and Northwest.

The states largest business is the University of Alabama at Birmingham or UAB. The university performs medical research and biotechnology, that are major economic factors for the city. Several of the other bigger employers include the US Government, the Jefferson County Public School, Baptist Medical Centers and Bell South County Public Schools.

The city of Birmingham is among the nation's largest banking sectors, while the sectors of steel production and processing is also a major economic driver in the local economy. A lot of the top steel manufacturers within the United States have operations in Birmingham. There are likewise various insurance companies situated here. Additionally, the services business is another major business within the area.

In the nearby community of Vance, Mercedes-Benz has an automobile plant. Birmingham is among the major technology centers for the state. As opposed to the other south eastern cities, the city of Birmingham has the most engineering residents per capita.

As the largest city, Birmingham is also the cultural and entertainment capital of Alabama. There are a variety of art galleries within the city of Birmingham and it is likewise home to the biggest art museum within the Southeast, the Birmingham Museum of Art. The city of Birmingham is also home to the state's major ballet, symphony orchestra and opera comprising the Alabama Ballet, the Alabama Symphony Orchestra, Birmingham Concert Chorale and Opera Birmingham.

The city hosts numerous cultural festivals like for example regional heritage, film events and music. There are screenings concentrated at the Alabama Theatre throughout the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival. This gala brings filmmakers from all around the globe to be able to have their films judged and viewed. Normally, this festival takes place during the last weekend in the month of September at 8 places around the downtown core. The Taste of 4th Annual Jazz Festival is another popular music festival that is celebrated at the end of September each year. This event coincides with the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival. This all day festival showcases national and local jazz acts. There were around 6000 individuals that came to the 2007 festival. One more annual event that has been held ever since 2006 is the Birmingham Folk Festival. During the year 2008, this event moved to the Avondale Park. The festival featured 3 touring "headliner bands" together with 9 local bands during the year 2009.

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