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Wheel Loader Parts Mobile - Mobile is a metropolis in the U.S. state of Alabama. It is located along the Mobile River on the Gulf Coast in Mobile County, for which it serves as the county seat. The 2010 population.

The Mardi Gras' original home is in Mobile. "Mobile" is in fact a name of the Maubilla Indians, who once resided in the region. Mobile is referred to as the "Azalea Capital of the World" due to its displays of several varieties of azaleas.

In the year 1702, the city of Mobile was founded and was later incorporated as a city in 1819. Mobile came under various changes of rule during the intervening years. First, the establishment ruled as French Louisiana's capital until the British assumed control during 1763. During the American Revolution, the Spanish seized the city of Mobile, and during the war of the year 1812, the United States took over. During the Civil War, the city of Mobile was part of the Confederacy and survived a blockade by Union Naval forces. For 50 years, Mobile's proximity near a huge worldwide seaport increased its fortunes. The shipment of cotton was its primary industry. Nowadays the local economy is dominated by the chemical, aerospace, petroleum and maritime industries. Tourism is also a major business.

The city of Mobile has a strong economic base in the sectors of medicine and research, aerospace, retail trade, construction and manufacturing. Businesses within Mobile make aircraft, engines, paper and wood pulp, paint, chemicals, cement, aluminum, pumps, rayon fibers and ship-related items. Other important sectors are transportation, utilities and trade; education; healthcare; business and professional services and government.

The Global Port of Mobile provides Mobile with numerous benefits since a lot of steamship lines serve the port. The Port supports more than 300 companies in the maritime industry, such as big ship building and ship repair businesses. Mobile is home to the Brookley Complex, a Foreign Trade Zone with more than 100 companies. Aerospace businesses like Mobile Aerospace Engineering are situated here. A lot of local inhabitants are working at Mobile Aerospace Engineering, the largest private employer within Mobile.

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